Fertility Yoga


What is Fertility Yoga?

Yoga for fertility incorporates a variety of yogic modalities that support conception.

Here's what you can expect when you try fertility yoga:

Gentle yoga sequences to increase circulation to the reproductive organs, as well as those that support reproduction, such as the liver and kidneys.

Restorative poses to invite the body and mind to relax and be still.

Breathwork to calm the nervous system through the breath.

Meditation/Guided Relaxation to quiet the mind and gain clarity on the journey.

Nutrition to support the body through Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Acupressure to stimulate healing points for better circulation of blood and energy.

The Benefits of Fertility Yoga

Did you know that multiple studies have shown that yogic techniques improve conception rates? One of the most often-cited of those studies was conducted at the Harvard Medical School; that study found that female fertility patients who participated in a mind/body program including  yoga and meditation were 3x more likely to get pregnant than those in a control group. Amazing!

Here are some of the ways yoga support fertility:

- improves hormone balance

- increases circulation to the reproductive organs

- supports detoxification 

- reduces stress

- lowers cortisol levels

- improves sleep quality

- fosters the body's restorative processes

- renews energy

These benefits make fertility yoga a powerful holistic tool for enhancing natural fertility as well as supporting fertility treatments. Fertility yoga is very gentle, which makes it a beginner-friendly practice.